10th -11th: Half Time
Conference at Stevens

13th- FFA meeting at 6:30

Concessions at 6:15pm

16th- Marshfield Parli Pro

17th- Girls Basketball
Concessions at 5:50pm

18th- Gymnastics Invite at

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Career Development Events
For students who ask their
teachers "When will I ever use
this in the real world?" Career
Development Events (CDE's) are
the answer. Since 1928, FFA
has worked to create CDE's that
demonstrate the meaningful
connections between classroom
instruction and real-life
scenarios. CDE's build on what
is learned in agricultural classes
and the FFA
UW Madison - State CDE Site
UW Platteville Qualifying Site
UW River Falls Qualifying Site
The events are designed to help prepare students for careers in
agriculture. Classroom instruction comes alive as students demonstrate
their skills in a competitive setting. CDE's test the abilities of individuals
and teams in 23 major areas of agricultural instruction.
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